Searching for various electronic devices that contains semiconductor components; Mobile phone and SIM card detection; Electronic components of remote control improvised explosive device (RC IED) investigation in urban environment under strong interference condition; Eavesdropping device and other unauthorized electronic appliance detection and localization.

Affective radiated power (ERP) not less than 700W
Precise target space localization along with high
operational efficiency;
Detects RC IED at the same distance as the ‘Eagle EK’
field NLJD does, resistant to a strong interference
condition of urban areas;
Radio-electronic device detection behind reinforcing
building structure;
Assured small target detection in various medium
including that with high humidity;
Single-block (‘bullpup’ type) design: no connectors or
cables, antenna fixed on adjustable telescopic bar,
lighting of inspected zone, efficient both for premises
and terrain.
Modulation AM-pulse
Output power (average) in searching mode not more than 200mW
Operational modes General search, 20K
Detection range:
SIM (UIM) card not less than 0.5m
Mobile phone not less than 1m
RC IED up to 10m