Searching for various electronic devices that contains semiconductor
Mobile phone and SIM card detection;
Electronic components of remote control improvised
explosive device (RC IED) investigation in urban environment
under strong interference condition;
Eavesdropping device and other unauthorized electronic
appliance detection and localization.
NR-MD is designed for detection of objects with the
presence of metallic elements on the surface and in the
depth of harbouring various media (soil, snow, water,
masonry, etc.).

Metal Detector allows you to categorize the search object on
grounds such as the size of the search target, the type of metal
(color, black);
Operator during operation can independently adjust the
sensitivity and selectivity of the device to optimize the search;
The software allows the detector to write on the computer,
change the default device settings for specific tasks to find metal
objects with the specified parameters, to coordinate with the
metal coils or third party of their own making.
Type of Alarm Sound and lighting
Battery Battery type size LR-20 (AA)
Supply Voltage 4,5…9,0
Current, mA, max
– without light indication
– with light indication 140 150…240
Setup time, min Not more than 3 min
Time to prepare the product for use after powerup Not more than 10
Pace of search, m2/h Up to 300
Continuous operation