Professional detector hidden camera "Optic-2" is designed to detect and locate hidden (camouflaged in the interior) camcorders such as "pinhole", regardless of their status (on / off) and the type of video signals.

Find the camcorder lens by light locations.
If you find a hidden camera lens in the lens device "Optic-2" will be a point spot green or red - the result of reflection of light from the
To detect the camcorder to be in that place, which is presumed to be subject to covert surveillance. If you walk around the room and just
look through the interior of the "Optic-2", the camera cannot be detected.
For example: If you plan to conduct covert video surveillance desk manager, you need to sit in a chair and head to search from this point.
If you find glaring point marks should look this place up close and identify the source of the flare.The basic operation mode - continuous.
Pulse mode is optional and is used when checking in normal light conditions. In the dark room, it is recommended to use continuous