SEL SP-102 Arcam

SEL SP-102 ARCAM is designed to remotely detect alive hidden video cameras irrespective of the way they record or transmit video information and irrespective of the means of concealment.

SEL SP-102 ARCAM can detect wired and wireless cameras
as well; it is able to detect intrinsic spurious emanations of a
The principle of operation is based on the analysis of certain
parts of electromagnetic spectrum which is used in video
cameras. In this manner it detects the emanating signals
characteristic exclusively of miniature video cameras. The USB
connection to a computer permits updating of the database of
the then known video cameras.
Average camera detection range Up to 15 m
Average camera detection time From 5 to 15 s
Maximum detection time Not more than 1 min
Operating band 100 – 500 MHz
Detection indication Light indication
Continuous run time Up to 1 hour
Battery charging time About 1,5 hours
Antenna Cylindrical, Broad-band
Antenna directional pattern Circular
Screen/display Colour, 74 mm diagonal
Battery power Li-Ion b