The ST 062 is intended for detecting and identifying standard cellular transmitters and wireless data transmitters.

Additional Features
Built-in Relay (terminals on the external port). Extends the
functionality of the ST 062 to remotely switch jammers and
additional indicators "ON" and "OFF".
Original software allows you to:
view real-time graphs of the operation of the ST 062 or
view the events collected during Automatic Mode on a
computer display;
create a database of logged events;
operate the device directly from a computer via a USB
Frequency ranges 890-960 MHz 1710-1900 MHz 1940-2144 MHz 2400-2600 MHz
Display dynamic ranges 890–915 MHz –75 +10 dBm 1710-1900 MHz–75 +10 dBm 1940-2144 MHz –80 +10 dBm 2400-2600 MHz–75 +10 dBm
Threshold range 60 dB
Attenuation of out-of-range
signals greater than 50 dB
Built-in Li-Polymer rechargeable
battery 3.6 V
Display color OLED, 160 x 128 pixels
Maximum current 0.3 A
Dimensions 90 x