Coal Fired 2 Ton 2Ton 2000Kg Steam Boiler

Coal Fired 2 Ton 2Ton 2000Kg Steam Boiler

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    The operators of this small submarine still placed a rock on top of the cap to keep the steam from pushing off the cap and escaping. If a cap blows off or a boiler bursts, nearby still hands can be scalded by the steam and flying mash. Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, circa 1960s.Learn More

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    Aug 30, 2015 · BOILER In this plant there are three boiler of different capacity, these are 12T, 15T, 20T, among these boilers, two are tube type and one is fire tube. The general principle of boiler is as follows: 1. Bio-gas (as fuel), rice husk (as media), D.M. water (as heating substance) comes through pipe-lines to boiler …Learn More

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    crushing, 4.30 lakh tonnes; capacity, 17.5 MW; boiler, 80 TPH (87 ata, 510°C, 72% efficiency); turbine (extraction cum condensing turbine), 17.5 MW; condenser, 75 TPH; and steam / bagasse ratio, 2.43. Old boilers are to be replaced by a new high-pressure boiler . A multistage turbine replaces all the small turbines. MillLearn More

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    This invention provides a method for detecting sugars in boiler condensate and/or boiler feedwater in industrial processes. The method includes measuring an oxidation-reduction potential at one or more locations in the process with one or more devices capable of measuring oxidation-reduction potential at operating temperature and pressure and correlating that measurement to an amount of sugar in the …Learn More